Where Can I Pick Up My Train Tickets Purchased/Booked Online?

Option 1: Any 7-11 convenience store in Taiwan

This is the most popular and easiest way to pick up your tickets, as there are 7-11’s practically everywhere in Taiwan! Simply go to the counter and tell them you want to pick up your train tickets. If they don’t understand in English, you can say it in Chinese “Wo yao na huo che piao”, then just show them your online booking code and your booking passport number and they will help you with it. Please note that there is a service fee of NT$8 per ticket when picking up tickets at a 7-11.


Option 2: Any train station

While this is also relatively easy, there can be lines at train stations during busy hours of the day. Also, if the booking passport number isn’t yours, you cannot retrieve tickets at the ticket counter of train station unless you show the passport with the same passport number as the booking.