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Taroko Gorge By Scooter!

We are sad to say, but due to dangerous road conditions in Taroko Gorge and several tragic scooter accidents in recent years, we are no longer offering scooter tours as of May, 2018.
We HIGHLY recommend our BETTER Taroko Gorge Tour, which actually visits many more places than our scooter tour allowed and TWICE as many awesome places as the public bus or large tour bus companies!


Check It Out Below!
And The New Taroko ATV Add On!
what to do in hualien
And be sure to check out our Zhuilu Old Trail tour as well!
Jhuilu Old Trail Tour, Zhuilu Old Trail Tour, Taroko Gorge, Hualien Taiwan

7:30AM: Hotel Pickup


Taroko Tour

We will spend the day visiting many of Tarokos best sites, cruising down scenic roads and walking on some spectacular trails. In order to have a fun and flexible day, the exact itinerary for our day can vary. But we promise to try and show you as much of the best of Taroko in one day as we can! Some possible stops include:
  • Swallow Grotto
  • Baiyang Waterfalls Trail
  • Luishui Trail
  • Shakadang Trail
  • Cimhu Bridge
  • Qingshui Cliffs
  • Eternal Springs Shrine
  • Changuang Temple
  • Yuewang Suspension Bridge
  • And other secret spots!

3:30pm Return to Hualien Hotels