What Is Social Listening ?

Social listening is the process of understanding what people are saying about your company or brand, as well their thoughts on products and services. It includes monitoring of social media channels for mentions of your brand, competitors, product, and much more

The old ways of pushing farmed content to followers on social media and expecting them to engage with you are far gone. Social Listening helps you to understand what your consumers think, feel and what do they need from your business.

Why is Social Listening important?

Social listening helps you to benchmark and perfect the customer engagement and experience.

Social listening will allow you and your team to get it clear about how you benchmark against your direct and indirect competitors. With such information at the start, your team will be able to look beyond market-share to identify your various competitors and look up to where your business lacks in other areas of the business such as customer service, customer needs, customer retention, reputation and various other factors. You will also see where you can excel in your industry.

Knowing things like Do your company has the best product? Is your company untouched when it comes to on-time deliveries? Do your company offers the most in terms of reasonable / cost saving products / services? Knowing where your company lacks  behind and knowing where you can exceed customer expectations will further allow you to get areas perfect where you’re already succeeding in and to build a plan around the areas that are in need of innovation and improvement.

Social listening also helps to identify influencers in your industry.

Identifying Influencers and Advocates :

Monitoring social conversation about your industry will give you an idea of who are the most important influencers. These are important people to get in touch with. As the term implies, they can have a huge influence on how their followers and fans feel and think about you or your competition.

You will also find people who already are in love with your brand and are saying great things about your company on different social medias. These are natural brand advocates. Reach them and look for opportunities to collaborate with them.

5 social listening tips

Below is some of the best advice for social listening. You really got to know about these tips :

  1. Listen everywhere and anytime

Find out where your audience is talking about you—not just what they say; that means casting a wide net for social listening!
Conversations around the brand on LinkedIn may be much different than those found across other platforms, like Instagram or Twitter. And it’s possible that people will discuss certain topics more frequently but not all at once so keep an eye open when looking through these streams of communication.

  1. Join Forces with other teams

Social listening provides a wide range of information that is useful for your whole company. This can be anything from customer posts, great ideas for blog articles or even new product features! The best part about it is that you don’t have to go anywhere; all the insights are right at your fingertips through social media monitoring and engagement with different teams who might want input on how they could improve certain aspects like content marketing strategy development process

The possibilities really do seem endless when we learn what others think via this valuable tool called “social listening.”

  1. Learn From Competitor

It’s always useful to study your competition, and you can learn something from them. For example what people say about competitors is often insightful as well!

A great way of doing this would be by looking at where they are successful with their business model or strategies in order to figure out how yours could improve on these same points while still being unique enough that customers will want nothing but success for your business.

  1. Commence Action

Social media monitoring and listening can be a powerful tool in guiding your future strategy. It’s important to analyze trends over time, rather than just one-time comments or posts on social platforms like Facebook LIVE video streams where it may seem easier not to listen at all because you’re able to monitor everything that goes out there live – but this isn’t always helpful for making informed decisions about what needs doing next!

The 3 best social listening tools

Below are the 3 favorite tools for social listening. They’ll help you understand and monitor all of your platform :

  1. Hootsuite :

Hootsuite is an all-inclusive social media management platform that has the ability to set up multiple streams of monitored conversations, hashtags and keywords.

It also lets you track mentions for quick responses or interventions so your brand can stay on top in any conversation! The tool will show influencers or potential customers who are talking about your brand while following them so people know more about what they have available for purchase on their site.

  1. Hootsuite Insights (powered by Brandwatch)

Hootsuite Insights goes even further and gives you data from 1.3 trillion social posts in real time, saving your keywords or Boolean strings to find meaningful trends & patterns that might be missed when monitoring for sentiment on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., with an option of filtering by date/geography too!

This way you can attain deeper insights into what people are saying about brands all over the world – see visualizations such as word clouds that show how many times certain words were used specifically at any given moment during this year so far.

  1. Locobuzz

Locobuzz is the perfect solution for users who are looking to focus on one platform at a time. With Locobuzz, you can monitor up to three different Facebook Ads across unlimited pages or take advantage of our Hootsuite integration which enables commenting and replying right from your dashboard!

Locobuzz has everything necessary in order to track social media campaigns including analytics figures related with engagement levels and performance metrics – all without having too many tools cluttering up your account page


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