20 Delicious Hualien Restaurants : Hualien Food Guide

20 Delicious Hualien Restaurants

Your Hualien Food Guide

It’s difficult coming to a new city and not knowing where to get a good bite to eat. Guide books can be outdated, and review sites can be rigged. So here at Island Life, we’ve made a list of all of our favorite restaurants from our time living here in Hualien. You can find it below! All of this and SO MUCH more can be found in our 2018 Hualien Visitors Guide. We hope you enjoy!

Western Fare
Hualien Restaurants
Salt Lick Restaurant Hualien

Salt Lick Restaurant – American style BBQ. Our favorites include the slow cooked Pulled Pork (sandwich or plate), the Seasonal Salad (best in town), the Cajun Chicken Sandwich and the Smoked Ribs.

Three Koalas Restaurant – Very reasonably priced American & Italian fare. Paninis, Personal Pizzas, Burgers and more. Our favorite is the steak sandwich with goat cheese and balsamic onion jam. A popular place for families.

Country Mothers – American/ European brunch restaurant. Our favorites include the European Omelet with Dijon Sauce and the Eggs benedict.

Hualien Restaurants
Country Mothers Restaurant

Farmers Kitchen – Vegetarian Restaurant. Our favorites include the spinach calzone, the Caprese salad, the Mexican veggie burger and the chick pea cottage pie.

Oh La La –French Crepery near the train station. 611 Zhongshan Rd. Many tasty crepes and small French dishes to choose from. We like the banana Nutella crepe and the Beef Bourguignon.

Dos Tacos – Tex Mex cuisine such as tacos, enchiladas and burritos. Our favorites include the giant nachos and the sizzling fajitas. Not quite authentic Mexican food but hey, it’s Asia!

Boom Burger – Affordable and tasty burgers and more. Near-ish the train station.

Louisa Coffee –  Probably the best coffee shop in Hualien. Inexpensive coffee drinks (Fair Trade available), tasty breakfast sandwiches and comfy coffee house ambiance.

So Much More To Discover!

Taiwanese Fare

Dongdamen Hualien Night Market – Located downtown off Zhongshan Rd. All kinds of fun snacks and meals. The back section is primarily aboriginal food. Guided Island Life Night Market Tours are available. Stinky Tofu, Double Layer Sausage, Coffin Bread and more!

Hualien Night Market
Dongdamen Hualien Night Market

Old Banyan Tree Restaurant – No.69 Mingzhi St. This bustling local place has an “English” menu with pictures. Dishes come in good portions for sharing. Everything is delicious as this is one of our favorite Hualien restaurants.

Koufu Beef Noodle Restaurant – No.533, Fujian St. This is a local favorite for a Taiwanese classic dish!

Zhou Steamed Dumpling Stand – No. 4-20, Gongzheng St. – This decades old famous steamed bun shop serves the best Xiao Long Bao in Hualien. Grab a bag to eat on the street. Don’t forget the sauce!

Dai’s Wonton Soup Shop – No. 120, Zhonghua Rd. – Another Hualien institution. In a town where wonton soup is considered a specialty, Dai’s is widely considered the best.

Hualien restaurants, hualien food
Old Banyan Tree Restaurant

Hai Po Oyster Omelet Stand – No. 88 Ziyou St. – Wanna try something really different? This Hualien specialty looks like a trainwreck but is surprisingly tasty. This is THE local spot.

Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumplings – No. 696 Zhongshan Rd. & No. 93 Guolian 3rd Rd – These small chain shops of fried and steamed dumplings are inexpensive and delicious. Vegetarian options available.

Lao Shao Restaurant – No. 3-2, San Min St.. Very good Chinese/ Taiwanese cuisine.

He Jia Restaurant – No.228, Zhonghe St. Very good Chinese/Taiwanese food.

MuMing Restaurant – No. 23, Ln. 10 Mingtan St. Xincheng Township – Nice Taiwanese place near Chishingtan Beach.

Cikasuan Restaurant –  Aboriginal Restaurant by Liyu Lake. Many traditional dishes.

Other Asian Fare

Medina – Indian & Pakistani food. Our favorites include the Chicken Korma, Biriyani and Saag.

Siam Thai – Thai food. Tasty inexpensive spot popular with locals. Our favorites include the lemon pork slice, papaya salad, pad thai and the Holy basil pork rice.

More Amazing Places & Less Crowds, That’s The Island Life Way!

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Mary Hutton
October 15, 2018
More choices than we expected. All great recommendations! Thank you.
May 7, 2018
Went to many of these places while in Hualien. All very good. Thank you!
April 23, 2018
Awesome list! Thanks!

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