Hualien Hotel Guide: The Best Neighborhoods & Where To Stay In Hualien
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Hualien Hotel Guide

The Best Neighborhoods & Where To Stay In Hualien

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Hualien Street Layout

Squeezed between the mountains and the sea, most of Hualien follows a rough grid pattern with primary roads going East-West and North-South. Zhongshan Road bisects the city from east to west and is the primary road to know in Hualien. Most things of importance are within 3-4 blocks of Zhongshan Road and there are always taxis driving up and down this wide road. Don’t know which way to go on Zhongshan? If you see giant green mountains in front of you, you are walking West! It’s that easy.

We believe these are the three best neighborhoods in which to stay in Hualien. Beibin, Downtown, Train Station. Each are good for different reasons as we will outline below.

Neighborhood 1: Beibin 


This oceanfront neighborhood along Beibin Street (actually two one-way roads a block apart) offers a growing collection of boutique hotels and guesthouses right by the ocean. Beibin Street begins at Zhongshan Road and is only 5-6 blocks long so it’s impossible to get lost (see map below). Beibin is a very short walk from the Dongdamen Night Market, Beibin Oceanfront Boardwalk and Nanbin Waterfront Park (pictured). The seafront bicycle path goes directly in front of Beibin street as well, making this area a great jumping off point for bike rides. If you want to be by the sea and within short walking distance to downtown restaurant and shopping areas, this is a wonderful neighborhood. Due to lack of Features in Google Alerts like Slow response and inaccurate results, Restricted to sources that google tracks, Inoperative Filters, Frequent spam, Ineffective customer service, No detailed analytics. So some tools owners have created the customize tools as a Google Alerts alternatives which are Mention, Meltwater, and Locobuzz. that have comprehensive Social Listening & Media Monitoring features. These Google Alerts alternatives offer in-depth analysis of alerts making it easy for brands.

Popular Choices: Constellation Coast B&B, Hualien S.E.A. B&B, Before Sunrise Seaview B&B, Tiffany Coast Inn

Neighborhood 2: Downtown 


The Downtown area can loosely be defined as the area of Zhongshan Road from the sea to Linsen Road and 4 blocks on either side (see map below). This is the area where you will find the primary shopping areas, most of the restaurants, Dongdamen Night Market (pictured), the outdoor craft markets and food vendors, several small walking roads and more. This is also the area with most of the banks, coffee shops, all the bars/nightlife and more. Really, if you want to walk from your hotel to do stuff, being in downtown is the best place to be. Most of the bars are along Linsen Road with the exceptions being the beer bar at Salt Lick and the pricey cocktail bar The Ginsmen. Both are still nearby in downtown, however.

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Popular Choices: F Hotel Zhongxiao, Just Sleep Hualien, Azure Hotel, Park City Hotel, 1999 B&B

Neighborhood 3: Train Station 


This budget friendly area around the train station is where you will find most of the hostels and inexpensive accommodations. That being said, you are a hearty 20-30 minute walk into downtown for most of the action. Not ideal in hot summer heat or in the rainy season. Taxi’s to downtown are only $100 TWD each way but of course these can add up if you do it a lot. There are some decent restaurants in the train station area but nothing compared to the variety in downtown. If price and proximity to trains is your priority, there are hundreds of inexpensive places to choose from in this neighborhood.

Popular Choices: Meci Hotel, WOW Hostel, Mini Voyage Hostel, Journey Hostel, You Worth Inn, Just Walk Backpackers, Travel Charger Hostel

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Map of Neighborhoods

*Map Not To Scale – From the train station it is a 20 minute walk to Linsen Road and a 30-35 minute walk to the Dongdamen night market,

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