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The Best Neighborhoods & Where To Stay In Hualien

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Hualien Street Layout

Squeezed between the mountains and the sea, most of Hualien follows a rough grid pattern with primary roads going East-West and North-South. Zhongshan Road bisects the city from east to west and is the primary road to know in Hualien. Most things of importance are within 3-4 blocks of Zhongshan Road and there are always taxis driving up and down this wide road. Don’t know which way to go on Zhongshan? If you see giant green mountains in front of you, you are walking West! It’s that easy.

We believe these are the three best neighborhoods in which to stay in Hualien. Beibin, Downtown, Train Station. Each are good for different reasons as we will outline below.

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5 social listening tips

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  1. Locobuzz

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Taiwan Coronavirus Update

Traveling During Covid-19: A Taiwan Guide

In a typical year, Taiwan is an exciting destination in Asia to visit. Its citys’ beautiful skylines, night markets, natural beauty, temples, quirky cafés, and museums draw in visitors worldwide. Taiwan is a destination that everyone should experience at least once.

However, 2021 is not a typical travel year. COVID-19 has impacted travel across the globe. Quarantines, closures, and restrictions have become the new norm in almost every country.

So, what about Taiwan?

If you’re interested in visiting there, stay tuned. This article will provide an overview of everything you need to know about traveling to Taiwan and COVID-19.

Is It Safe To Visit Taiwan During Covid-19?

Taiwan is one of the most secure places in the world when it comes to COVID-19. The island has done better at curbing COVID-19 than almost any other nation in the world. Out of 24 million residents, there have only been ten COVID-related deaths since the start of the pandemic as of 3/29/2021. That is an impressive number that is unmatched in other places.


As of March 31, 2021, there have only been 1,024 confirmed COVID-19 cases throughout the pandemic. Nine hundred sixty-nine of these people has recovered.


COVID-19 has not overrun hospitals in Taiwan. Taiwanese hospitals are only treating 24 people for this disease at the moment.


Taiwan planned to start vaccinating its residents beginning on March 22, 2021. Taiwan has reached agreements for 1.5 million doses to be available for citizens.

General COVID-19 Regulations In Taiwan

Taiwan has enacted many restrictions throughout the pandemic to keep its cases low.

Here is what traveling to Taiwan looks like during this pandemic:


As of 3/17/2021, some foreign nationals are allowed into Taiwan. However, tourists and social visitors are still not allowed except visitors from Palau.

However, business travelers can now apply for special permission.

Passengers who do not have permanent residency visas must apply for a permit at a Tapei Representative office.


Visitors who are allowed to enter must stay at a quarantine hotel for 14 days when they first arrive, take a COVID test, and fill out a declaration form. These rules apply to all visitors, regardless of vaccine status.

Quarantine hotels provide guests with three meals each day, and people may not leave their rooms during the isolation period. Accommodations are more challenging to find these days because of the increased demand for self-isolation hotels.

Should you test positive for COVID-19, you must stay at a medical facility for further testing and monitoring.

Tourism In Taiwan During COVID-19

Within the country, people are free to move about with little to no restrictions and no curfews. Commercial masks are still mandatory in public places, and failure to comply can result in fines. However, the tourist experience is intact for those living in Taiwan.


Flights are still running between Taiwan and many international destinations. There are no restrictions on public transportation within the country, and everything is operating on its regular schedule.


Many tours and tourist destinations are still operating in Taiwan with increased safety measures. These protocols include masks and social distancing.


Dining, restaurants, night markets, and street food are open for business. Many places look like they did pre-COVID, but with the presence of masks. There are robust options for those looking to dine out in Taiwan.


Taiwan still has nightlife and celebrations. Most recently, the island held numerous Lunar New Year celebrations. Taiwan even successfully held a famous EDM music festival, ULTRA Taiwan, last November.

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Hualien Night Market

A Taste of Taiwan's East Coast

Island Life Taiwan is your #1 resource for all things Hualien! Our blog is loaded with informative articles by locals and our unique tours and experiences are top rated in the area. Check out all we have on offer!

Dongdamen Hualien Night Market

Get ready for the clinking of games and the steam and sizzle of food vendors as you stroll through the corridors of the lively Dongdamen Night Market and immerse yourself in local Hualien “nightlife”

Opened in 2015, the Hualien Night Market is the largest (and certainly most entertaining) market on the East Coast of Taiwan. Also known as the Dongdamen Night Market, the sprawling wide-laned marketplace is a must visit experience when spending an evening in Hualien.

With over 400 vendors at the night market, the amount of food on offer is incredible. And it isn’t just Taiwanese food either, you can find items from mainland China, America, Thailand, Japan and numerous other regions as well. Due to the enormous amount of food on offer and the variety you can sample, it is an easy place to get a unique, inexpensive dinner.

Along with food, you will find entertainers including singers, guitarists, drummers, dancers and more. Visitors can eat and drink while enjoying the musicians croon hit cover songs, traditional aboriginal songs and the occasional original ballad. There are also several sections of the night market featuring carnival style games such as dart throwing, ring toss or crossbow shooting. You may even be lucky enough to win a prize while there!