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Adventure Factor
8 Hours

The East Rift Valley Discovery

Come take a trip with us through the inland jewel of Eastern Taiwan, the stunning East Rift Valley.


While Highway 11 and East Coast National Scenic Area get much of the hubub, our unique tour of the vibrant East Rift Valley gives you a taste of everything Taiwan’s rich interior has to offer.

From the lakes of Yunshanshui  and Funghuang Waterfall, to the wild Matai’an Wetlands and the beautiful bike paths of Danong Dafu Forest Park, prepare yourself for an incredible day out seeing an entirely different side of Taiwan.


Ruisui, East Rift Valley
Looking down on scenic Ruisui
Mataian Wetlands, East Rift Valley
The ecological wonder of the Matai’an Wetlands








Yunshanshui, East Rift Valley
Early morning at Yunshanshui
Danong Dafu Forest Park, East Rift Valley
Taking a bike ride through Danong Dafu Forest Park









DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pick up and drop off at your hostel or hotel in Hualien
RETURN TIME Approximately 3:30-4 PM.
WEAR/BRING A camera, comfortable clothing, walking shoes, swimsuit, towel, water bottle, hat, bug spray, sunscreen and money for food, drinks and/or souvenirs.
Transport and English Speaking Guide Admissions
Drinking Water Lots of fun
The answer to life’s great riddle.
Guide gratuity

We look forward to you joining us!!


8:00AM: Hotel Pickup


East Rift Valley Tour

We will spend the day visiting many of the East Rift Valley’s most beautiful locations, both natural and historical. In order to have a fun and flexible day, the exact itinerary for our day can vary. But we promise to try and show you as many wonderful parts of the East Rift Valley in one day as we can! Some possible stops include:
  • Matai’an Wetlands
  • Fenghuang Waterfall
  • Danong Dafu Forest
  • Tropic of Cancer Marker
  • Yunshanshui
  • Liyu Lake
  • Saoba Monoliths
  • Butterfly Valley (Fuyuan Forest Recreation Area)
  • Bai Bao Xi
  • And many other secret spots!

3:30-4pm Return to Hualien Hotels

East Rift Valley Tour Hualien Tour
Mataian Wetlands East Rift Valley Hualien Tour
Saoba Monolith East Rift Valley Hualien Tour
East Rift Valley Hualien Tour
East Rift Valley Hualien Tour
Tropic of Cancer East Rift Valley Hualien Tour
East Rift Valley Hualien Tour
Danong Dafu East Rift Valley Hualien Tour
Fenghuang Falls East Rift Valley Hualien Tour
Yunshanshui East Rift Valley Hualien Tour
East Rift Valley Hualien Tour

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
February 21, 2017

So beautiful! I really enjoyed getting away from the coast and seeing the valley. the mountains on both sides made for a really beautiful drive and we had a great time at all the stops. So many cool things to see in Taiwan! We’ll definitely use Island Life again if we come back this way.

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